6 Surefire Ways To Know You’re Hiring Top Talent

It’s your job to attract the type of talent that launches your company into the future. And most of the time, you’re confident you know it when you see it. But a little help never hurts, so read on for tips on how to be proactive, keep moving forward, and draw stars to your organization.

hiring top talent

1. Nurture And Develop Real (Positive) Culture At Your Organization—It’s Not Just A Place To Work

Today’s employees expect more from their companies, and they’re looking for spaces where they feel safe, supported, and encouraged in their career. Foster community by actively engaging your staff through career advancement opportunities, personal workshops, or regular team building exercises.

2. Realize The New Generation of Employees Has A Different Set Of Priorities

Keep in mind that younger employees—whether they’re technically “millennials” or not—tend to focus much more on work/life balance than previous generations. Take a look at the package you’re offering prospective hires. Does it provide employees work-from-home days? Maternity/paternity leave? Flexible hours? These are all major factors top talent considers when considering new opportunities.

3. Don’t Hire Someone Because He Or She Is Exactly Like You

It can be tempting to interview someone and think, “They’re just like me when I was their age! They’ll be a perfect fit!” That may be true, but a truly successful company embraces diversity in all forms—including opinions and perspectives. Hiring those from different backgrounds helps create an unstoppable talent pool able to see projects and initiatives from every angle.

4. Your Current Employees Represent All That’s Right Within Your Company

If you have a company that truly fosters the individual growth of its employees, there is truly no one better to speak to that than the employees themselves. Encourage your team to access their own network of personal contacts. Whether you offer incentives or bonuses for referrals or not, letting your personnel take the reins shows you trust their judgment—and your own. After all, you hired them, and no one knows the ins and outs of the company better than they do!

5. You Fully Communicate Your (And Your Employees’) Purpose

Never leave your employees (or potential employees) in doubt about what their role is—and this doesn’t just apply to just day-to-day tasks—you need to have an understanding of (and communicate) the greater goals and mission of the company as a whole. You should also understand (and again, communicate) what your own role is, what you’re here for, and how you can help with questions and difficulties (or guide them to who can provide the assistance they need).

6. You Encourage Personal And Professional Progress And Innovation

It’s vital to remember your employees are real people with real lives, families, interests, goals, and dreams. If you want the best talent, you’ll have to engage with them on all of these levels through genuine encouragement and support. Whether it’s through professional seminars, extra vacation days, or incentivized classroom learning, make sure you’re showing current staff and potential hires how much your company cares. Encourage personal and professional progress, and watch the talent come your way.

Now that you know some tips to find the talent you and your company deserve, all that’s left is to make sure you hang on tight to your top employees! Everyone knows a company is only as good as the people who work there, so setting up a solid workforce is exactly what’s needed to grow to your full potential.

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