5 Myths About Switching Jobs or Careers

The time has come, and you’re ready to make a major change in your career. Now you’ll have the pleasure of hearing everyone’s thoughts about how you should go about it—or whether you should attempt it at all. Read on for five opinions you’re likely to encounter—and why you shouldn’t listen.

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Myth #1: There’s One Job Out There That Will Make You Completely Happy

We’ve all heard this one many times—it’s an idea that seems to be pushed on us from our earliest days in school. The truth is that there are many jobs and career paths out there that have the potential to make you very happy. None of them will be perfect. Work is work, after all. It’s important to remember no one (and we mean no one) is 100 percent happy at their job 100 percent of the time. And if you’re unhappy, it’s not necessarily an indication you’ve chosen the wrong career path.

Myth #2: You Need To Make A Drastic Change In Order To Be Satisfied

There are plenty of stories out there of people making a career one-eighty and finding fulfillment. However, it’s much more common for people to realize they’re in the right field, just not in the right job. Take time to consider whether you can take the skills you’ve already learned and shift them—even slightly—toward doing something you’ll find more satisfying in the long run. For most people, it’s not necessary to start from scratch when changing careers.

Myth #3: You Need To Have Experience In The Industry You’re Applying To

It may seem impossible to get a job in a totally different field without going back for years of schooling or finding a rigorous training program. But many companies value an “outside” perspective—as long as your skill sets matches up. New ideas could be exactly what a company is looking for, so don’t discount your chances without even trying. Let the company decide whether you’ll be a good candidate.

Myth #4: You’re Too Old To Change Careers

A good piece of advice to adhere to—whether you apply it to switching careers, taking a vacation, or picking up a new skill—is that in ten years, you’re going to be ten years older…whether or not you switch careers, take that vacation, or pick up a new skill. The point is, if you’re unhappy with your current career path and want to make a switch, it doesn’t matter what your age is—you’re never too old to try something different.

Myth #5: You Have To Plan Everything Out Before Making A Change

Yes, you should have a rough idea of what you want to do before switching jobs or careers. Yes, you should make sure you have a firm and realistic idea of what it will take to do so. But do you need to have every detail mapped out, down to the tiniest detail, before you make your move? No! In fact, many people use the fact that they don’t have a concrete plan to put off ever making a career change. Too much planning can lead to paralysis. So prepare in all the logical ways you can and get moving.

Change can be daunting, and while there are downsides to being a “job hopper,” a well-strategized career switch can do wonders for your life…both at work and at home. Take a look at the big picture, and you may just realize it’s time for you to make a leap of faith.

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