10 (More) Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview to Stand Out

You may think a job interview is all about your potential employer finding out about you. And granted, that is the way the majority of the interview is likely to go. However, most interviewers will provide the opportunity for you to ask questions as well. This usually occurs at the end of the interview and will have an impact on the impression you leave. We’ve talked about good questions to ask in a previous article, but here are 10 more to add to the list. They’ll help you find out what you need to know about the company and role, show you’re interested and invested, and help you stand out from the crowd.

ask questions end of interview

1.  What Qualities Would A Person Need To Succeed In This Position?

This question shows you’re thinking seriously about the best ways to excel in the role. As an added bonus, the answer you receive could actually help you do just that.

2.  Can You Give Me An Example Of What I Would Be Working On If I Started Tomorrow?

Not only will this question give you a feel for what you would actually be doing, it also lets you know if the employer has a good handle on what you’d be doing (confusion happens more often than you might think) and prompts the interviewer to envision you in the position.

3.  Why Is This Position Currently Open?

It’s important to know what happened to the person that held the position before you.  If they were fired, you need to know why, so you don’t repeat their mistakes. If they quit, this could be a red flag that the job isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And if the position has just been created, that’s essential knowledge too—it means you’ll be carving out your own path.

4.  Can You Tell Me About The People I Would Be Working With Most Closely?

If you want to show you’re a team player, demonstrate that you’re interested in working well with others. Ask about your team’s strengths and the challenges they’re facing.

And speaking of challenges…

5.  What Challenges Are you Facing As A Company/Division Right Now?

You may have a good understanding of what’s happening in the industry, but getting a handle on the company’s outlook and strategies for the future will give you a better grasp on your future and how the position will roll into those targets and objectives.

6.  How Often Do You Expect The Responsibilities For This Position To Change?

Most roles shift over time. You may pick up additional responsibilities, clients can come and go, and you could need to take charge of unexpected duties. It’s very possible the company isn’t 100 percent sure what the future will hold. But they can give you a good idea based on how their organization commonly works. Do you thrive on maintaining an established routine or do you seek out new challenges? The answer to this question will help you decide if you’re a good fit for the job.

7.  Do You Expect To Make Additional Hires Over The Course Of The Next Few Months?

Is the company in a period of upheaval and/or rapid growth? Are they building an entirely new team? Or are they looking to fill a single position in an established group? Just like changes in responsibility and anticipated challenges, learning how staffed the organization is—or will be—can help give you a feel for what you’ll be taking on should you choose to join the company.

8.  Ideally, When Do You Need Someone In Place?

Most businesses have a two-week notice policy, but maybe you’re going to need some additional time to tie up loose ends. Whether or not they’ve made a concrete decision yet, asking this question will help you plan how to have the most positive exit from your current position.

9.  Where Do You See The Company Headed In The Near Future? Are There Any Major Changes On The Horizon?

Most interviewers are fairly transparent if the company is about to merge or move—it’s in their best interest to let you know. Are they planning to move the office closer to (or farther from) where you live? Would a merger or restructuring lead to layoffs? Or would you have uncommon growth opportunities? Knowing if they expect big changes will help you understand what kind of atmosphere you could be walking into.

10.  Why Did You Decide To Work Here?

This question gives your interviewer a chance to show her enthusiasm about the company’s values and what makes working there special.

Asking questions at an interview can help you stand out, but the right questions will also give you a golden opportunity to discover if you’ll be fulfilled, challenged, and happy at the organization.

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