About Us

The Washington Post Job board began in 1999 as a way to connect employers with jobseekers through the emerging online jobs marketplace. WPJobs was one of the first newspapers to recognize the growing trend for online jobs and had the capability to provide applicants a consistent place to locate relevant job opportunities.

WPJobs offers an intuitive and user friendly job board, allowing for easier management of employer listings.  We have a streamlined method to manage saved jobs and job applications as well as setup customized email alerts to receive job listings. Our responsive design allows job seekers and employers to access our site easily on the go.

If you are interested in posting jobs visit us at:  https://employers.washingtonpost.com/

If you have questions please contact one of our sales representative or our customer support team at:

Phone: 202.334.4101

Email: jobsmajoraccounts@washpost.com.