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  • 5-Minute Checklist Before You Hit Send On Your Resume

    When you respond to a job posting, you can be almost certain your resume will be one of dozens received by the hiring manager. Before you hit "apply," follow this quick five-minute checklist to give your resume the best chance of success.
  • Millennials as Leaders: 5 Tips To Teach Millennials Leadership

    Millennials often get a bad rap — and unfairly so. While much has been written about how to manage millennials, we don’t talk as much about how to coach millennials to become leaders themselves. As Baby Boomers begin to retire and move out of the workforce, Gen Xers and millennials will be called upon to step up and step in. How prepared is your workforce to take on greater responsibility? Here are five ways to teach leadership to the millennial generation.
  • 4 Reasons Why Recruiters Are Going Dark On You

    You’ve found a position you really want, and you’re thrilled with how well the interview went. The recruiter has given you positive feedback, and you’re expecting an offer any day. But time passes without an offer—or a rejection—and you’re frustrated and confused. When a recruiter goes dark on you, not returning calls or emails, you wonder what you did wrong. But don’t overthink the situation or lose hope.
  • The Fastest Way To Clean Up Your Inbox

    When email was first introduced, it was a timesaver, but it’s gotten a bit unruly since then. With communication so cheap and easy, people now send emails for every note, memo, question, comment, pitch, or thank you. Pair that with multiparty chains and an expectation for immediate reply, and it’s easy to see how email became a ubiquitous source of distraction, wasted time, and digital clutter. It’s time to take control. Here is the fastest way to clean your inbox (and keep it clean).