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  • What to Do if You Encounter an Illegal Interview Question

    You’re acing the job interview. You’ve been personable, you’ve laid out your qualifications deftly, and you even made the recruiter laugh with a well-timed joke. Things are going incredibly well until the recruiter asks you a question that feels…off. To help you with future interviews, let’s discuss how to tell if a question is illegal and what to do if you encounter one.
  • The Importance of Leveraging a Resume Database

    The days of waiting for job seekers to find you are coming to an end. Employers are expected to reach out to prospective candidates through the digital job market, yet the number of job seekers can seem limitless—a never-ending stream of resumes that’s simply impossible to appraise meaningfully. Enter the resume database, an online tool designed to glean those imposing numbers down to something far more manageable.
  • You’re on Vacation, But Your Coworkers Won't Stop Emailing You?

    You're just settling into your pool chair with a juicy thriller and an adult beverage when you hear a familiar ping. Ugh. The office. What could they possibly want now? Don't they know you're on vacation? What should you do when you're on vacation and your coworkers won't stop emailing you?
  • How to Network Within Your Company

    Doing your job and doing it well isn’t enough. If your nose is pushed too hard into the grindstone, you’re missing opportunities to network and make connections within your company. Meta: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to network within your company.