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  • 3 Times Candidates Have Walked Out of Job Interviews (And What They Did Next)

    When a job interview devolves from awkward to disastrous, sometimes the best thing to do is walk out. You know you don’t want to work at a company where employees are harassed or made to feel like they’re unimportant. Here are incidents that prompted three job candidates to cut an interview short and walk out…and what happened next.
  • How to Respond to that Email You Shouldn't Have Hit Send On

    Even in our high-tech age, email is still a preferred way to communicate. Protect your professional reputation by knowing how to respond to that email you shouldn't have hit send on. Here's our take on dealing with an awkward situation.
  • Laid Off? Here's How to Tell Your Network.

    The day you're laid off from a job is always going to rank as one of the worst of your career—but ultimately the experience can open new doors for you. To get back on your feet, it's critical to employ a strong strategy for spreading the news about your new employment situation. You have to be your own public relations firm as you tell your network you've been laid off.
  • How to Spot a Bad Boss During the Interview Process

    To ensure a good match between you and the job you're applying for, you also need to be on the lookout for one more thing: signs of a bad supervisor. Keep your eyes open for the following red flags to spot a bad boss during the interview process.