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  • How to Optimize Your Job Posting

    How to optimize a job posting simply hasn’t been top-of-mind for many businesses, mainly because it hasn’t needed to be. Companies that want to make sure they make the cut can use a combination of smart keywords, savvy SEO, and solid writing to optimize job postings, drawing more attention and more of the right attention. Here’s how.
  • What To Do If You’re Afraid to Say “No” At Work

    Saying “no” to your boss can be an intimidating prospect, especially if your boss is known for surrounding himself with “yes men.” At the same time, you don’t want to feel like people are taking advantage of you. So how do you stand up for yourself without putting your job on the line or labeling yourself a troublemaker? The following guidelines should help you overcome your reluctance without putting you in an awkward or untenable position.
  • The Right Way to Give Your Two Weeks Notice

    There’s a right way to give your two weeks notice. Find it, and you’ll enjoy professional relationships to build on for years to come. Unfortunately, the pitfalls strewed across the path to a proper resignation are numerous, and stumbling can damage your chances for that stellar reference.
  • How to Make Sure the Recruiter Knows You're a Good Culture Fit During an Interview

    If you ask any recruiter or hiring manager the traits they look for in a candidate during the interview process, chances are they'll include cultural fit as one of the top qualities they seek. So, you really want the job and feel you would be an asset to the company. How do you go about demonstrating to the recruiter why you'd be a good match? Find out.