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  • The Fastest Way To Clean Up Your Inbox

    When email was first introduced, it was a timesaver, but it’s gotten a bit unruly since then. With communication so cheap and easy, people now send emails for every note, memo, question, comment, pitch, or thank you. Pair that with multiparty chains and an expectation for immediate reply, and it’s easy to see how email became a ubiquitous source of distraction, wasted time, and digital clutter. It’s time to take control. Here is the fastest way to clean your inbox (and keep it clean).
  • 6 Things To Consider Before Taking A Pay Cut At A New Job

    Most people looking for a new job hope for a higher salary. Sometimes, though, a job offer comes with a pay cut. But that pay cut doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. Here are questions to answer before agreeing to a lower paycheck.
  • Recruiters Distinguish Between Good And Bad Cover Letters Within Minutes. Here's How.

    You can't judge a book by its cover—but you can judge a job applicant by a cover letter, according to recruiters. One quick glance at a cover letter, and a recruiter has formed a strong impression of you as a job candidate. If your cover letter is good, you'll get another look; if it's not, well, sorry. Increase your chances by application success by understanding the good, the bad, and the ugly of cover letters.
  • How To Cure A Case Of Impostor Syndrome Ahead Of Your Job Interview

    It’s only a few hours before you meet with a potential employer. Suddenly, you experience a sinking feeling in your stomach. You tell yourself that you aren’t good enough for this job, your past achievements are a byproduct of luck, and you suspect that you will be exposed as a fraud at any moment. No, you don’t have the flu—you’ve been inflicted with Impostor Syndrome—at the most inconvenient time imaginable.