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  • Best Practices for Surviving an Open Office Environment

    The open office environment was praised as a godsend for companies and employees alike. Breaking down the office walls was supposed to establish a vibrant work environment that would not only increase productivity and minimize costs, but also improve morale. But for many of us, the open office is less a godsend. Here are some survival tips.
  • How Can I Work on My Presentation Skills?

    It doesn't matter whether you love the spotlight or break into a cold sweat at the mere mention of public speaking—we can all improve our presentation skills. Holding an audience's attention to convey a message is an acquired talent—especially when (as is often the case in business) your subject is less than riveting. Try these tips if you want to improve your presentation skills.
  • The Worst Hiring Mistakes We’ve Seen

    Lately, it feels like the only thing more difficult than hiring quality applicants is keeping quality employees. If you’re starting to notice a pattern of mis-hires, it’s time to revamp your interviewing practices to bring on more successful candidates. To help, we’re recounting the five worst hiring mistakes we’ve seen and ways to learn from them.
  • What to Do When You’re Bored At Work (Other Than Eating)

    At some point, we've all been bored at work. Maybe the busy season is over or you're the unlucky soul alone in the office between Christmas and New Year's. No matter the reason, at some point you're going to find yourself with some extra time to fill. Here are a few ideas to keep you out of trouble—and out of the candy jar.