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  • Why Optimizing Your Resume Around Keywords is Important

    If you want to get recognized as a quality candidate, it’s important to optimize your resume around keywords. Here’s how to do so.
  • Best Practices for Time Management When You’re a Grad Student with a Full-Time Job

    You’ve taken the leap and been accepted to graduate school. Congratulations! But your financial situation requires you to keep a full-time job. That’s rough, and it gets rougher when you remember you’ll need time for chores, homework, family obligations, social activities, and sleep, too. To help you succeed, here are some best practices for time management when you’re a grad student with a full-time job.
  • Should You Be Reaching Out to Prospective Candidates on LinkedIn?

    Employers have had to get creative to identify skilled employees. They cannot rely solely on posting job listings to bridge a growing talent gap. Job boards can definitely serve a purpose, but recruiters and hiring managers must sort through hundreds of unqualified candidates in hopes of digging out the gems. To target specific talent, many employers use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool to find and connect with potential candidates.
  • How to Decide Between Two Equally Great Job Offers

    While some job seekers find themselves in a transitionary period of life attempting to gain meaningful employment, a few lucky ones find themselves having the luxury of being in the driver’s seat upon receiving more than one job offer. If you ever find yourself at a crossroads between two companies you could envision yourself working at, these tips may help make your decision a little easier.