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  • Our Seamless Guide to Dealing with Distracting Coworkers

    Distracting coworkers are an office monster. They make life miserable and lower office productivity. However, you can take steps to reduce their impact on your work life. Here’s our seamless guide to dealing with distracting coworkers.
  • How to Talk to Your Boss About Applying Internally

    You like the company you work for, but you think you’d be happier in another position or in a different department. So you decide to apply for another job within the organization. You don’t want your boss to find out from somebody else. Yet broaching the subject can be awkward and sometimes even caustic. To help make this essential conversation go as smoothly as possible, consider these suggestions.
  • 10 Phrases to Never Say During a Job Interview

    There’s a lot to think about when preparing for a job interview: What you should wear, what questions you should expect, how you can best show your qualifications. Just as important as what you should do, however, is what you shouldn’t—namely, things you should never say during an interview. Read on for what (and why) some phrases are verboten.
  • 3 Better Ways to Say “I Don’t Have Time for This Right Now”

    Work can be hectic. That’s usually when a coworker walks to your desk with a sheepish smile and asks, “Do you have a minute?” You want to say, “I don’t have time for this right now,” but that word choice can feel rude. Still, you’re overloaded and must navigate the request. Here are three ways to do just that.