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  • How to Ask Your Boss for More Vacation Time

    Other than a salary increase, most employees’ top request would be for more vacation time. Learn what to do—and what not to do—when considering asking your boss for more days off.
  • At work, connection with coworkers makes all the difference

    Think about jobs you either loved or loathed. Apart from the work itself, your relationship with coworkers was probably key. The people we work alongside impact how we feel about what we do.
  • Abbe's Winding Path

    "In reality the only way to learn something new is to have a beginner’s mind. As coaches like to say - “be willing to suck at it.” No one starts out learning French with a perfect French accent and extended vocabulary. It takes time to lay the foundation to master a language. With a beginner’s mind, it’s possible to learn anything! If you want to make a career change, take it one step at a time from a place of humility and desire to learn. You will get there!"
  • How to Give Feedback to Your Boss

    Giving feedback to your boss can be a tricky endeavor. How do you offer your thoughts in a respectful way? Discover how to open up dialogue without putting your boss on the defensive.