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  • Ace Your Video Interview with These 6 Tips

    Recruiters and hiring managers increasingly rely on video interviews to screen job candidates. If you haven't been interviewed by video yet, it's only a matter of time. Keep these six tips in mind to wow recruiters during video interviews.
  • How to Make Your Part-Time Job a Full-Time Opportunity

    Ask just about anyone how to turn your part-time job into a full-time position and they’ll say something like “work hard,” “stand out,” or “go above and beyond.” Of course, all three of these suggestions are prudent, but they’re also pretty generic. Want some specific advice about how to go from part-time to full-time? Keep reading.
  • How to Explain a Career Shift During a Job Interview

    It’s important you’re prepared to explain your career shift confidently during a job interview. Here are some tips to help ensure that a positive step in your life doesn’t get misconstrued as something negative.
  • Annoying Coworkers? Here’s How to Make Work Bearable.

    Whether it be an overly chatty coworker’s failure to pick up on social cues and stop talking, an inconsiderate peer playing music with the volume way too loud for a professional setting, or an obnoxious business associate pushing the limits of your patience with their bad behavior—the fact remains, annoying coworkers can effortlessly turn an otherwise wonderful day at work into a wreck. Here's how to deal.