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  • How to Make a Great Impression at Career Fairs

    Career fairs are hands down one of the best ways to network when you’re looking for a new job. So how do you stand out from the crowd in a room full of people all looking for the same thing as you? Read on for tips on how to make a great first impression and score the coveted goal of career fairs: an interview.
  • 5 Steps to Take When You Feel Like Your Company Doesn't Have Your Back

    If you were in trouble, would your coworkers, boss, or company push you under the bus, try to rescue you, or jump in front of the bus themselves?While you can’t always know for sure, you may have a sense your company doesn’t have your back long before anything goes wrong. So what should you do about it? Here are five steps you can take to improve the situation.
  • How to Answer: “What’s the Best Piece of Career Advice You've Ever Received"

    You find yourself in the middle of an interview with your potential new company when you hear a question that truly gives you pause: “What is the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?” How should you answer that question?
  • If These 4 Things are True, It's OK to Ask for a Title Change

    When it comes to promotional opportunities, most people think of a raise. Additional pay is always nice, but have you considered your job title? The job title you have now can directly impact your paycheck later. If these four things are true, it's OK to ask for a title change.