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  • Marketable Skills Every Job Seeker Should Have

    Looking for a job is hard work — you have to condense your life’s worth on a piece of paper that the hiring manager may only spend a few minutes scanning (and that’s if you’re lucky). Regardless of which profession you’re trying to break into, however, highlighting these marketable skills that transcend industries and roles can help you get an edge and get noticed amidst the sea of applicants.
  • Networking Emails Designed to Get Responses

    The art of networking is a skill professionals today need to embrace, but making the first move can be intimidating. Before you reach out to contact someone you’re hoping to network with, you'll want to carefully consider how to do it. Here are some networking email templates we’ve created to fit every situation, designed to get you a response.
  • How Promoting From Within Enhances Company Culture

    A company culture where employees feel stuck is a company culture that's probably drowning. Obviously, not every situation will allow for in-house promotions. However, you should think about the following ways that promoting from within will enrich your organizational culture.
  • How to Gracefully Get Out of Meetings

    Does your calendar make you cringe? Have your beach daydreams been replaced by fantasies of staying at your desk and getting stuff done? First, take heart in the fact that you're not alone. American workers participate in at least 36 million meetings each day (and some consider that estimate low). Second, rest assured, not all hope is lost: With some finesse and confidence, you can get out of meetings and get some work done. Try implementing these tips in your workplace.