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  • How to Gracefully Get Out of Meetings

    Does your calendar make you cringe? Have your beach daydreams been replaced by fantasies of staying at your desk and getting stuff done? First, take heart in the fact that you're not alone. American workers participate in at least 36 million meetings each day (and some consider that estimate low). Second, rest assured, not all hope is lost: With some finesse and confidence, you can get out of meetings and get some work done. Try implementing these tips in your workplace.
  • How to Build Community at Your Company

    It's no surprise that employers have a lot of benefits to gain from creating a sense of community in the workplace. Here are some tips for building community in your company and getting the most you can from the process.
  • Curiosity is More Useful Than Passion

    In this modern age of infinite choice and information overload, we are encouraged to find our passion. Pursue our passion; do what we are passionate about; follow our passions and let the rest fall into place. In practice, this does not always work. What if you aren’t passionate about much of anything? What if your passions develop later in life. What does passion even mean, and who in the world feels that strongly about one thing over the long arc of life?
  • 5 Things You Can Be Doing Right Now For Your Next Promotion

    “You deserve a raise.” “You deserve a promotion.” Hearing your boss say those magic words is different from repeating the phrase to yourself as you drive to work. Fortunately there are steps you can take right now to increase your chances. These are them.